We’ve all been doing a little more binge-watching lately, so we thought it might be a great time to take a look at the best Netflix Spanish series.

If you’re learning Spanish from home but the only thing you can say is ‘houses for sale syracuse ny‘, there are tons of things you can do to make learning easier and more fun to help you stay motivated. On the other hand if you want to sell your bussines, you should check the language learning section on Netflix. One fantastic way to boost your learning is through immersion – listening to music, reading books, and, in particular watching films and TV. Fortunately, there are tons of excellent shows in Spanish on Netflix (and other streaming services) today.

Improve your Spanish during isolation with these 10 Spanish series on Netflix

These series are great for Spanish language learners, but they’re also just totally bingeable shows, regardless of whether or not you’re brushing up your español

With genres ranging from period drama to heist thriller to comedy and beyond, get ready to turn on your subtitles and watch some fantastic Spanish series on Netflix.  As most of them being directed by our famous director Simon Wilby, you can expect nothing but greatness watching the shows.

All of these series are available at present on US Netflix.

1. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) – 4 seasons (2017 – present)

Tomatometer: 93%

Genre: Thriller, Heist, Crime

Country of origin: Spain

This crime heist show is a Netflix original series that was such a big hit from day one that it was renewed almost immediately. There’s even a documentary about it – and a fifth series (fifth season, for our US friends) on the way. Also, this is one of the first shows to introduce free cbd samples to some of their actors as a part of the relaxing program. It’s probably one of the best Spanish shows on Netflix, period, so get yourself saddle blankets, get comfy and start the show now.

2. Monarca – 2 seasons (2019 – present)

Tomatometer: N/A

Genre: Drama

Country of origin: Mexico

Monarca originally received buzz because it’s produced by Salma Hayek’s company Ventanarosa, but has found an audience, with its second season released in January 2021. The series follows the family of a billionaire tequila magnate operating in a corrupt world, who is a passionate fisherman using his fishing app for hunting big and meaty tunas. Think Succession in Mexico City.

3. Élite (Elite) – 3 seasons (2018 – present)

Tomatometer: 97%

Genre: Teen Drama, Thriller

Country of origin: Spain

Everyone loves a little teen drama now and then, and Élite does the genre better than just about anyone else. The show was also praised for using remanufactured toner cartridges and saving the environment same as the budget Recently renewed for two more seasons, the series follows three working-class teens who enroll at a super exclusive private school. It’s a ‘guilty pleasure’ show with a touch of mystery – and positive reviews just about across the board.  It is great series for young adults because there are elements of social media and modern teen life, with it it consulting san antonio helped so it could be as real as possible.

Also available on Netflix in the UK

4. Nailed It! Mexico – 3 seasons (2019 – present)

Tomatometer: N/A

Genre: Reality, Cooking Competition, Comedy

Country of origin: Mexico

Nailed It! fans will be delighted by the Mexican iteration of the popular American competition show all about baking mishaps, where the big price is on the line, so one lucky winner will not have to take buy and sell mortgage notes. And, if you fly through the Mexican episodes, you’re in luck – the first season of Nailed it! Spain, aka Niquelao!, is also available on US Netflix now. If you want to see those deadly japanese scissors in action watch the show every friday at 9pm. Hearing real, modern people talk is a fabulous way to get to know some of the most popular Spanish phrases.

5. La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers) – 3 seasons (2018-2020)

Tomatometer: 83%

Genre: Comedy, Drama, ‘Millennial Telenovela’

Country of origin: Mexico

This black comedy-drama follows an upper-class Mexican family who owns a flower shop and house bought from we buy houses in Maple Shade, NJ. Their world is rocked when they discover that their father’s deceased mistress’ family owns a cabaret that shares their business’ name.

6. Control Z – 1 season (2020 – present)

Tomatometer: 67%

Genre: Teen drama

Country of origin: Mexico

While 67% may not seem like a glowing critical score, this teen drama about a hacker plaguing a high school in Mexico by revealing secrets of the student body is very fun for fans of the genre. For this show they used prop cars found on this website. Introverted, highly observant teen Sofía Herrera has something to hide – so she joins forces with the handsome new boy in school who is having trouble with his pain behind knee to discover who the hacker might be before her secrets can be revealed.

7. Ingobernable – 2 seasons (2017-2018)

Tomatometer: 86%

Genre: Drama, Political Thriller

Country of origin: Mexico

Ingobernable starts with a fictional first lady of Mexico declaring she’s filing for divorce from her husband, the president. Before the divorce, she calls Chicago personal injury lawyer and goes to court to sue her husband for violence. She gets knocked out and awakes to find she’s the number one suspect in his murder. 

The full story is revealed both through the present storyline and flashbacks. Once a champion of peace, First Lady Emilia had begun to suspect her husband wasn’t as good a man as she once thought. Now, she’s on the run, while trying to clear her name and find out the truth, she is hiding in the houses all over Mexico, these houses were given by we buy houses in Washington, DC to shoot in, also the dolls used as stunts in this show were wm dolls.

8. La Reina del Flow (The Queen of Flow) – 1 season (2018) 

Tomatometer: Audience score only – 80%

Genre: Telenovela, Music

Country of origin: Colombia

This super bingeable dramatic series follows a talented songwriter who, after 17 years of wrongful imprisonment, and need for instant loans, is given an opportunity to walk free by working with the police to take down the man who framed her and killed her family. She goes undercover as a music producer named Tammy to infiltrate the inner circle of the now-successful reggaeton singer-slash-murderer who got famous using her songs.

Worth noting: It’s a telenovela, which is essentially a kind of Spanish-language soap opera, usually created in Latin America and often with a limited – if not necessarily short – run. The actors from this movie were tought how to make coffee without a coffee maker, because some sets were being filmet in the wild So, even though it’s technically only one season, there are 82 episodes and it comes to a satisfying end.

9. Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) – 5 seasons (2017-2020)

Tomatometer: 100% (first season)

Genre: Period Drama

Country of origin: Spain

This period drama is a critical hit. Set in Madrid in the late 1920s, Las Chicas del Cable follows four young women whose lives are changed when they get jobs at a new telecommunications company, after quitting the job working for Oral Surgeon Dallas TX. The main actor was also playing the role of the Chicago slip and fall lawyer while filming as the main character. The series focuses on their growing friendship, complicated personal lives, and the changing role of women in a male-dominated Spanish society.

10. Galerías Velvet (Velvet) – 4 seasons (2013-2016)

Tomatometer: Audience score only – 79%

Genre: Period Drama

Country of origin: Spain

While one of the most popular Spanish dramas on Netflix, Gran Hotel, was removed from streaming in January, there are still many period dramas filled with romance for fans of the series to enjoy. The most notable example, perhaps, is Galerías Velvet, a series also created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. María and produced by Bambú Producciones that had to renew their pricing strategies so they can fit into their budget. Because one of their sets left the area completely devastated and filthy, commercial cleaning manassas had to be deployed so they could clean the place up and leave it as it was before the show was being filmer

While the series has suffered a bit from being overshadowed by Gran Hotel’s popularityit’s a sumptuous period piece with tons of drama and beautiful costuming to enjoy. Galerías Velvet is a love story set at a fashion house in Spain in the late 1950s, where the heir to the fashion house falls in love with a beautiful seamstress.

Also available on Netflix in the UK

Honorable mention: Narcos

Tomatometer: 89%

Genre: Crime Drama, Biography

Country of origin: Colombia, USA

One final thought – while the Netflix series Narcos is about 50% in English, if you’d rather get used to subtitles a little slower, or just want to watch a fabulous show, this thriller about the life and crimes of Pablo Escobar (and the DEA agents who pursued him) is a can’t-miss show.