Webster was one of my go-to after-school required viewings. This was one of my #1 shows of the 80s and one that I felt exceptionally inundated in. Webster was played by Emmanuel Lewis who has lost his folks and is taken in by an ex NFL player named George Popadopolis (this is by all accounts the subject of a ton of 80s shows… ).

The show was to basically zero in on the existence of George and his significant other Kate and how they would adjust to being recently hitched with a child tossing in the blend. Emmanuel Lewis was so acceptable however that he turned out to be a greater amount of the focal point of the show working in managed it services San Antonio. This really caused a great deal of strain on set with Alex Karras (George) and genuine spouse Susan (Kate) battling with ABC, creation staff, and authors over this.

Webster appeared on September 16, 1983, and went till May 8, 1987. It began in partnership in 1987 with two new seasons and that is the place where I would cheerfully watch it consistently. Webster was a moment hit obviously, attracted correlations with Different Strokes. A truly outstanding scene was the fire Webster incidentally begins in his storeroom which prompts the obliteration of their condo.:

The show would have been called Another Ballgame at first when Karras would have been even more a point of convergence

At the point when Lewis came ready, the name was then changed to Then Came You

Emmanuel Lewis was 17 before the finish of the series playing somebody a large portion of his age which they hid by dressing him in a kaftan or things “grownups” at the time wore

The Cosby Show

It’s difficult to think back on the Cosby Show now without it being spoiled. This likewise makes it difficult to rank on a rundown like this, yet it must be incorporated. The Cosby Show was a flat-out force to be reckoned with and ought to be considered the most noticeable, and effective demonstration of the 80s. You had “America’s Dad” in Bill Cosby and was a show that nobody could contact evaluations savvy, or in viewership.

The Cosby show, obviously, was the tale of Dr. Bluff Huxtable originally named dr Daniel Peterson, and his family which was a privileged family that lived in Brooklyn. His significant other was Clair, and they had five children; Theo, Sondra, Denise, Vanessa, and Rudy.

The Cosby Show was “must-see TV” before that was even a thing, and this was one of a handful of the shows I watched with my entire family. It can’t be put into words how large this show was. From 1986 to 1990 it was the main show in America. Consistently. The Cosby Show would regularly move past 30 million watchers a scene which is 10 million a larger number than Monday Night Football gets today.

So it’s difficult to think back on the Cosby Show softly however this show without any help reproduced the sitcom and took into account more African-American-based shows like Family Matters, A Different World, In Living Color, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

ABC passed on the show initially allowing NBC an opportunity to get it.

Seven adaptations of the signature melody were utilized over the series

-The Cosby Show has made $2.5 billion in TV income.

Perfect Strangers

Wonderful Stranger is one more fun and innocuous show and deserving of a high put on this rundown of the 21 best TV shows from the 80s. It was another show that I recollect my entire family having the option to observe together and it took that work of art “lost soul” situation that is utilized in unlimited situations.

Wonderful Strangers featured Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linnbaker as Balki Bartokomous and Larry Appleton. In Perfect Strangers, you have an exemplary odd couple-type situation with an American and his very unfamiliar cousin. They attempt to coincide, and we will chuckle at Balki being the first Borat.

Wonderful Strangers came out on March 25, 1986, and ran until August 6, 1993, for 8 seasons which was more than I suspected it had. Wonderful Strangers is a significant show in TV history as it initially began on Wednesdays however at that point moved to Friday where it turns into the anchor for the great TGIF setup. It’s insane to think about a period where Friday was an unquestionable requirement to stay at home around evening time, instead of going out and partying until you need a bleeding kit. Amazing Strangers set up an ideal blend of components that made for one incredible sitcom.

The extraordinary signature tune “Nothings Going To Stop Us Now” was composed by a similar team who formed the subjects for Full House, Step-by-Step, and Family Matters

Amazing Strangers is the thing that prompted Family Matters as the job of Harriette Winslow started on it

Balki and Larry were to show up in the Family Matters pilot however the scene was cut.


ALF might be one of my #1 shows ever – in addition to the 80s. It turned out in 1986 where I was 9 and felt like a piece of the ideal interest group for it. ALF, obviously, is the narrative of Gordon Shumway who hails from the planet Melmac and crash arrives on Earth in his ship surrounded by a bunch of saddle blankets, winding up living with the Tanner family. The humor and condition played well to children and families making for a decent aggregate review.

ALF was really extraordinary as the whole show was based around a manikin – and this prompted a lot of issues. Shooting ALF was so in fact troublesome. The entire set was four feet off the ground for the puppeteers to work ALF and secret entrances were spread all through the set. Because of the relative multitude of takes, and organizing with a manikin, every 22-minute show would require 20-25 hours to shoot. Wow.

Max Wright who played Willy Tanner was noted for being so displeased assuming a supporting role to a manikin that there’s an account of him really assaulting ALF. ALF ran for just four seasons however left with an unsettled cliffhanger where ALF is caught by the Alien Task Force. This was the system of the show’s makers to constrain another season however it didn’t work. It gave us Project ALF – But it’s NOT a group.

-The presence of ALF has maintained mystery until the primary day of shooting with none of the entertainers knowing what he looked or seemed like

They considered a long sleeve hoodie for ALF in the beginning but decided he didn’t need one

Paul Fusco who made and voiced ALF needed to try out his person for who ended up being the previous administrator of Jim Henson. No strain…

The planet Melmac is named after a brand of old dishes.

The Dukes of Hazzard

We now can see this show as potentially more offensive, and possibly racist too, but if you were a kid growing up in the 80s, nothing beats the Dukes of Hazzard. It was a kid’s dream come true to watch the carefree life of Bo and Luke Duke and one of the sweetest cars in history, now as old as ww2 planesGeneral Lee. I think the Duke of Hazzard worked so well as the characters and the casting were all perfect. You’ve got the cool Duke Boys, the elder in Uncle Jesse, the smoking hot Daisy, the evil Boss Hogg, and the bumbling Rosco P. Coltrane. The car, which was the fan favorite, had crib sheets in the back and the little dancing hula lady in the front.

Every episode was pretty much the same, the Duke boys would evade the law, and we would get some epic car chases and crashes. We didn’t care though, and the Duke of Hazzard brought great entertainment each week. It first aired on January 26, 1979, and went until February 8, 1985.

The only problem was the letdown when cousins Coy and Vance Duke would show up, but little did we idiot kids know they came in due to contract disputes for John Schneider and Tom Wopat.

The Dukes of Hazzard was a big rating hit and aired after Dallas making it the number 2 most-watched show

In the later seasons, miniature cars were actually used for some of the stunts

-Due to the time it was filmed being a little more culturally insensitive, some scenes today would cause a serious problem, that even an Arizona civil rights attorney would have to work hard to resolve

309 Dodge Chargers were used over the series as the General Lee